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Website Copywriting


If you want to move + shake, you need to make your ideal customer fall in love (hard) at first word. Little Birdie's strategic website copywriting will help you talk shop in a way that gets you seen and heard. I’ll craft your story into epic turns of phrase that will speak oh-so loudly to your people (you know the ones).

Entire Website


If you’re undergoing a rebrand, are serious about taking your current branding next-level, OR you’re a brand spanking new start-up, this ultimate website copywriting package is for you.


Includes a comprehensive briefing process, tone of voice development and brand story development. You'll receive up to 5 website pages (excluding sales page) of exquisitely written website copy. For example: Home page, About page, Services page, FAQs page + Contact page.

The result? Over 2000 words of beautifully crafted website copywriting that’s concise, clever and bang on-brand. 



About Page copy


Not ready for the whole kit n' caboodle? If you can only buy one page of website copy, this may just be it. When it comes to branding, your About Page is everything. The place prospective customers and clients will click to first when sussing you out, a good About Page uses beautiful, on-brand wording to convey your brand story, your why, and exactly why people should care about (and buy from) you.


Includes a comprehensive briefing process, tone of voice development and brand story development. You will receive up to 800 words of professionally written About Page copy utilising compelling, emotive storytelling to tell your brand story.


Sales Page copy


Launching an online course or epic product? I’ll write words that leap off the screen and oh-so daintily push the buttons of your ideal customer (yep, I write for cut-through, but I do it gracefully).  

Includes a comprehensive briefing process and tone of voice development. You will receive up to 1500 words of sales page copy strategically crafted to tug at the heartstrings of your ideal customer - and covert interest to sales.

Psst: My mega-successful Sales Page formula has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in course sales for some very happy clients. Let's take your Sales Page from ‘keep scrolling’ to ‘shut up and take my money!’. Ready, set...


Website Audit 

The ultimate option for the brand requiring some professional strategic guidance on creating a killer website, before being handed the reins to DIY the rest. The Website Audit is a 5-page document packed with easy-to-follow, bespoke-to-you recommendations for maximising the cut-through and efficacy of your brand's website. A great economical option if you're not ready to fork out for a professionally written website - but you still want your copy to be polished and oh-so sparkly.

Includes a comprehensive briefing process, professional assessment of your website (encompassing refining your brand voice, optimising user experience and maximising website traffic) and detailed, strategic recommendations for meeting your goals.​

Instagram and emails and blogs, oh my! Digital marketing is to your business what Rudolph is to Santa. Yep, the absolute secret sauce that makes the whole operation tick. Do it well, and your pinch-me biz goals are just a hop, skip and click away. 


We’ll have your dream customer Insta-stalking you on the daily and refreshing their inbox hoping your EDM has landed. 

Instagram Captions 

Feel like face-planting into your phone every time you go to caption an Insta post? Lucky for you, words are my thing. My secret sauce. And, my experience shows that epic Insta captions mean you don't need a bajillion followers to start bringing in serious business. 

Includes a comprehensive briefing process and brand voice development tailored specifically for social media. You'll receive clever, scroll-stopping and 100% on-brand, done-for-you Instagram captions. Available on a monthly retainer (you choose how many posts you'd like written per week). Or if you have a specific launch or campaign you're itching to gain some traction on? Bag a 10-caption or 20-caption bundle.

Blog Posts

Not to be underestimated, the humble blog post is a seriously powerful tool for helping your brand to shine. Done well, regular blog posts are highly effective in improving your SEO ranking, boosting website traffic (cue more sales) and cementing your position as an expert in your field. Hand your blog posts over to me, and I'll write the words that will get ALL of the people clicking their way onto your site.

Comprehensive briefing process, professionally written, informative and oh-so engaging blog post - up to 500 words, plus headline and intro teaser. SEO keyword integration option available

Know what you want to say? Give me the topic and I'll make it read like a dream. Not sure? We can collaborate on brainstorming blog topics together, or if you’d like to kick back and listen to Spotify while I plan your content schedule for you (jokes, I know you’re very busy and important and have emails to answer), I can do that, too.



(Aka the email newsletter.) Popping up in the inbox of your audience is a key way to build a connection with your ideal customer. Yep, email marketing can make ALL of the difference to your business. Well-written, strategically articulated EDM copy is a powerful means to retain your followers' engagement with your brand and to convert this trust into sales. 

Includes comprehensive briefing process, up to 300 words of professionally written, persuasive and oh-so clickable EDM copy, plus the fine print, aka subject line and button copy.

Digital Marketing

Website copywriter

Press Releases

Website copywriting

I get it – your work is hands-down amazing. Now, you need to spread the word.
Lucky for you, PR is a super effective process for getting all of the little birdies talking.


As a journalist and media professional with over 14 years' experience in print and digital, I have been on the receiving end of literally hundreds of press releases - and I know what makes journalists look twice (and what makes them faceplant in their keyboards). 

Are you launching a new line, incredible product or service, or have you created a brand-spanking-new business or initiative the world needs to know about? Step this way. 


If you don't want to fork out the equivalent of your annual sauv blanc budget on a fancy PR agency to run a whole public relations campaign for you, here's the thing: you can outsource a professionally written press release and email that beauty around yourself (hint: journalists love a story straight from the source herself). Cheers to that (the wine is on you).   

Includes a comprehensive briefing process, with the option for a media contacts list. You will receive a professionally written media release tailored to your targeted media, in the tone and voice of your brand and including all information as requested by you.

If you’re busting to carve out a you-sized niche in your industry, and shine like the bright spark you are in a sea of same-same, step this way. I’ll help you crystallise your vision, tease out your ‘why’ and refine your key messaging.

An on-point communications strategy (essentially, a big-picture vision encompassing everything from your social channels to your website copy and everything in between) is key to helping your brand make an impact.


This is a comprehensive 10-page document that crafts a unique brand positioning for you, including:

  • Your brand's backstory

  • Your 'why'

  • Core brand values

  • Brand POD 

  • Tagline

  • Brand personality

  • Tone of voice guide (aka gold for ensuring a cohesive brand voice across your website copy, socials + all         communications touchpoints)

  • Social media content pillars (aka targeted plan for what the &*^T to post about on Instagram)

  • 10 bespoke blog post ideas tailored for your brand + ideal customer

Together we will:​​

  1. Fine-tune (or develop from scratch!) your core message and brand story

  2. Map out your communications strategy in-depth  

  3. Set actionable goals to get you there

  4. Outline what type of content you should be creating ongoing (or, simply hand over the reins to us and we’ll steer that ship for you!)

All you need to do is give me the lowdown on what you do, where you’ve been and where you want to go. Then, I’ll tease out the gems and tie up all your best bits in a pretty little bow; using engaging, persuasive storytelling to connect with your dream client in a way that means they’ll stick around. 

This is the ultimate in-depth, targeted plan to get your brand seen - and heard - by your dream client. 

Communications +
Brand Strategy

Copywriting course