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"Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell." - Seth Godin, author, speaker, entrepreneur


We all – every last one of us – has a story. You have a story that’s darn freaking fascinating (sometimes, because you ARE the trees, you just can’t see those woods). That’s our job. We’ll find them, we’ll make them sing. You’re welcome. 


All you need to do is give us the lowdown on what you do, where you’ve been and where you want to go. We’ll TEASE OUT the GEMS and tie up all your BEST BITS in a pretty little bow; using ENGAGING, persuasive storytelling to CONNECT with your DREAM CLIENT in a way that means they’ll stick around.

"Rebecca is a clever, clever writer. She is highly intuitive, has a wonderful way of weaving words, and always delivers on brief. What’s more, she is super reliable and lovely to work with.
I couldn’t recommend
her highly enough."

Brooke Hill - founder, The Content(ed) Copywriter

We work with:



Coaches, PTs, stylists, naturopaths, fashion labels, psychologists, graphic designers, bars, restaraunts... The list literally goes on.



From corporates and small businesses to fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, as well as public personalities



We work with PR agencies and copywriting agencies who need to outsource, whether for a specific job
or on a regular basis.

And you?

You’re a maker of fine things, or pretty sweet deals, or change. Your business is your baby and you want to give her every chance of blossoming into the star you know she was born to be. You’re armed with an incredible means of making this world of ours a better place. Your mission is bang-on, now you just need to spread the word (big time).


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Want to make some magic?

We'll make it happen via strategic messaging, on-point copy and consistent content.

Why you'll love working with us so much you'll want to send us flowers
(yep, a little birdie told us so)

We'll go deep into how you want your dream customer to FEEL when they encounter your business – and then we'll work backwards from there to cultivate CREATIVE, ON-POINT BRANDING, that tugs at their heartstrings in all the right ways.


We tailor our tune to YOU and your brand – together we’ll pinpoint your core YOU-ness, nut out your central STORY and craft a TONE and VOICE that embodies your brand and MOVES your ideal customer.


So whether you’re seeking to come across as chic or cheeky, if you fancy yourselves as fun and footloose, you’re straight down to the biz, or you want to shake things up, we've got the words.
And if you’re the minimalist type, we’ll go there, too.


Oh, and we love words (love them hard) but we’re not about fluff – we’ll make sure your copy works hard
for you – every sentence is STRATEGICALLY CRAFTED to convey your message for maximum results (depending on what your goals are - and if you're not set on those yet, we can nut that out together, too). 

Our style: strategic and heart-centred

We'll transform your business into a brand

Or if you’re already there? You show us where you’re at and where you want to go, we’ll tweak your message and tease out the nuances that will help PROPEL your brand next-level.


Whether you’re a new business looking to springboard your concept from VISION to REALITY or an established brand launching a campaign or on a mission to rebrand, pivot or juj things to NEXT-LEVEL, we’ve got the goods to get you on your merry way.

Ok, ok! Sign me up and begin working your word-whispering ways at once!

Let's collaborate!

Want us to help take your brand next-level? Pop your details in here with some info about your project and a little birdie will be in touch shortly.

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