What I Learnt Working For An Influencer

Psst! I’ve moonlighted as a ghostwriter for a big-name Aussie influencer. Want to know the one biggest thing I learnt?

We are ALL equal players. It’s not like when we were born, some of us (the ‘lucky ones’) were bestowed with a special sprinkling of magic dust and some of us, well, weren’t. You, Janet Smith and @fancpantsinstafamouslady have the SAME amount of glorious potential. And the SAME limitless well of clever, moving, insightful things to say and do in this world.

Yes - someone else may be awesome and clever and have 100k+ followers and sold-out speaking gigs, but the person at the back with 146 followers ALSO has it in them to make the things/write the book/say the things that will have those tens of thousands of people swooning in their seats.

Once I discovered this, it made me feel 356 times more inspired to make a move towards the front – and that bit more confident in my own potential to actually make it there.

Here are a few more things I got to understand while getting up close and personal behind the scenes with a major influencer:

1. She had crappy days and frazzled moods and got grumpy and forgot to put the chicken out to defrost

2. She had a real life outside her work that sometimes influenced her ability to show up at work and be 100% focused (yep, even boy problems - sound familiar?!)

3. She had a BIG team of other amazing humans quietly helping with multiple arms of her business

Basically… she was totally, utterly, 100% human too. Talented, clever, inspiring, yes – and also just another human.

And you know what? It turns out, many of the people who are killing it (not all, of course, but many) actually have everyday Janes making the things happen for them behind the scenes. Influencers may have their books crafted for them by Mrs Nobody perched on her laptop at your local, designers also have clever staff behind the scenes who share the actual designing load (but get none of the fabulous party invites /recognition).

And I’m in no way trying to diminish or downplay the incredible talents, hard work and amazingness of people who have made it big in their chosen industry – what I am trying to do is remind myself/you guys that we are all capable of this too (hard work notwithstanding).

Because there are enough slices in the pie for everyone.

And the other big thing I discovered while working behind-the-scenes for someone making big waves? The difference between us and them is that it’s usually only the latter who is HEARD.

Why? Branding, baby! The person at the front is heard precisely because they’ve crafted themselves as someone of value, someone worth listening to. And THIS is what attracts people to them.

And whether you’re a coach, designer or candlestick maker, aside from a delicious logo, on-point colour palette and the like, the one thing (you know where I’m going here) that has an oh-so powerful impact on how your business/brand/cute mug is perceived? The WORDS you use. Specifically (but not limited to) your website copy, in your blogs, EDMs and Insta captions.

Yep, your copy is to your brand what those fancy-schmancy new shoes are when you head out the door. It’s your first impression, the metaphorical handshake. And FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT, big time. (We know this ‘coz studies say so.)

Powerful copy allows you to build more than a business - it helps you to cultivate a BRAND. This is what will get your message onto the eyeballs (and tugging at the heartstrings) of your dream audience.

So… outsourcing yours to a professional can be, like, a really good idea. Just sayin’.

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