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The No.1 Mistake You're (Probably) Making With Your Website Copy + Instagram Captions

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Want to know the ONE biggest mistake that almost EVERY client I work with falls into, without even realising? Whether they're a fashion label or a purveyor of organic goods, a maker of fluffy coats for pugs or a florist, they ALL make their Instagram captions and website copy all about THEM. Why their flowers are the most amazing, why they’re the best sellers of fashion for your furry BFF, etc, etc.


Remember, say your ideal client is a lady called Lola - Lola doesn’t really care all that much about you (harsh truth) - what she does care about is how you can help HER.

Yep, and 8 times out of 10, all that’s required to make your communications 347 times more powerful is a simple flip in perspective!

Instead of using all of your word count talking yourself up, address Lola, acknowledge where she's at and what problems she might currently be encountering. This helps you to foster an emotional connection with your ideal customer - the kind that makes her think, "Yes! It's like they know me! How do they know I buy myself flowers every week because my boyfriend never would, and I feel guilty spending more than the cost of a parmy at our local on them - but they bring me so much joy that I just couldn't ever give my cheeky flower habit up?!"

THEN throw in a mention of how you can help ("Guess what! Our tiny bouquets are only $30 a bunch! And we deliver weekly!") followed by a clever CTA - and bang, Lola's your girl.

Here's what we mean:


Instead of:

"We make good-quality self-watering house plants."


"We know you're busy and important with places to go, Netflix to binge and texts to reply to - and 'water plants' comes in at about #346 on your list of life admin to-dos. So, we found a clever little plant that waters itself! Click here to find out why you need her in your life."


Instead of:

"Our organic fruit box company was established in 2006. We deliver 100% organic fruit and vegetables to your doorstep."


"Want to detox your insides - but can't commit to making the farmer's market every Sunday morning? We get it, sometimes a girl just needs a sleep-in. Enter Fruity Organics - 100% organic fruit and veg that magically appears on your doorstep on the day of your choosing - so you can get back to the business of being all glowy and healthy."


Instead of:

"Mrs Flower Lady is run by experienced florists focused on beautiful, in-season bouquets."


"Just like a steaming parmy on a winter's eve, licks from your pooch when you walk in the door and the sight of a fresh bunch of blooms on your kitchen table, the simplest joys in life are by far the best ones. Let us send you flowers whenever you fancy (we won't tell that you ordered them yourself, promise)."

Need help flipping your brand's Instagram captions and website copy from 'all about me' to freaking awesome? Check out how we can do the heavy lifting for you here

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