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My Story: Rebecca Hanley (aka Little Birdie founder)

Hey there…

I’m Bec. Wordstress, mama of two girls, and the brains behind Little Birdie. Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, I recently made the leap across the desert to Perth (I followed a boy).

But let's rewind a little...

Back in the day

Way back when I was chomping on Push Pops and getting around in my Supré bodysuit at age 7, I just KNEW that I wanted to be a writer. Fast-forward to 2012 and I had MADE IT. I’d scored a job at Dolly magazine (RIP) and all my teenage dreams had come true. I loved every minute of it and was (no joke) excited on Sunday nights.

Workin’ 9-to-5

And so, armed with a Bachelor of Media + Communications from Sydney University, and a Graduate Certificate in Journalism from Sydney’s University of Technology, I gallivanted through a decade-long career in magazine journalism at some of Australia’s biggest publishing houses. Following those brilliant days writing about first kisses and frienemies at Dolly magazine, I have since had the privilege and joy to play with words, as a writer, editor and sub-editor, at many national print and online publications including ELLE, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Cleo, Collective Hub, Famous, Mama Disrupt and body&soul.

The biz

It was while working at Collective Hub magazine that my penchant for all things business and entrepreneurship took flight. My fledgling business nous was sharpened thanks to the opportunity to interview dozens of start-up founders, entrepreneurs and successful biz types – including Zoe Foster Blake of Go-To Skincare, Who What Wear co-founders Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, Coveteur co-founders Jake Rosenberg and Stephanie Mark, Melissa Ambrosini, international model + businesswoman Jess Gomes, Sarah Davidson of Matcha Maiden + more, and convinced them to spill all of the beans on how they got where they are.

A little birdie is born

And then… in 2017 I had my first baby, Violet - and my world promptly turned upside down and inside out. It was a sweet but simultaneously incredibly challenging time, which completely reshaped the way I saw the world and my place in it.

While emerging from the new mama fog, I found myself spending dozens upon dozens of hours listening to business and marketing podcasts while pushing my Bugaboo through the streets of harbourside Sydney. I became almost obsessed with listening to the stories of successful creative women who had gone out on their own and launched their very own businesses – people like Tess Robinson from Smack Bang Designs, Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson from Frank Body and Jaharn Quinn from Your Creative Start inspired my little cotton socks off, and the idea of combining business and creativity had me hooked.

In 2018, I launched Little Birdie Copy, armed with the mission of using clever copy and strategic storytelling with heart to elevate creative women-led brands doing good things.

I have since crafted words for big brands including the Commonwealth Bank, Bondi Boost, Dettol, Maggi and Destination NSW, as well as working with a myriad of small businesses and solopreneurs, from photographers, life coaches and fashion labels to restaurants and designers.

I believe we all grace this earth with at least one special gift.

Mine is words, and it’s my mission to use them to help you propel your gifts out into the world.

These days? I’m beyond grateful I’ve found something that makes opening my laptop each morning just as exciting as Sunday nights were at Dolly magazine all those years ago. I truly love making my words COUNT for something by helping other big-hearted creatives harness their own dreams.

And? It’s my mission to put one word in front of the other to help you land yours.

I can't wait to be the words to your story.

Bec xo

Want me to work some wordy magic on your brand? We need to talk.

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