Meet our head bird, Rebecca Hanley

Oh, hey there! I’m Bec, wordstress, mama the brains (and words) behind Little Birdie. ​ Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, I recently made the leap across the desert to Perth (I followed a boy). But let's rewind a little: Way back when I was chomping on Push Pops and getting around in my Supre bodysuit at age 7, I just KNEW that I wanted to be a writer. And ever since I opened my first copy of Dolly magazine at age 12, I knew that was where I wanted to work one day. Cue one-and-a-half degrees, a billion hours of working for free and fast-forward to 2012 and I had MADE IT. I’d scored a job at Dolly magazine and all my teenage dreams had come true. I loved every minute of it and was (no joke) excited on Sunday nights. Next came roles at Cleo and Collective Hub magazines. But along with the excitement that came with landing shiny gigs and interviewing some incredible people, came high-pressure deadlines and stressful work environments. So I moved sideways into a freelance career, sub-editing for mastheads I’d always dreamed of working with like ELLE, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar. And while sidelining writing for sub-editing had allowed me to scoot up the career ladder faster, and later enjoy the perks of freelance life, I'd detoured from what I loved. And eventually, in a nutshell, all of this manifested in a bunch of health issues including anxiety and insomnia. And then...

Fast forward to early 2017 when I went on mat leave to have my baby girl. Having my daughter (and the world-upending year that followed) made me reassess everything in my life, and while I knew that I craved creative stimulation, I decided that if I was going to drag myself away from her to work, it would be for nothing short of my absolute mission in life. No more crazy office deadlines (being a baby mama brought enough stress, as it so happened) and no half-assed gigs to pay the bills (I’d rather live off tuna and rice and baby cuddles). ​ SO.... ​ I decided to spend my days doing what I love - writing - preferably in trackies perched beside the kettle. I also decided to make my words COUNT for something by helping other big-hearted creatives harness their own dreams. ​ And, as it turns out, having a baby involves hours of walking round and round the block with a pram - which proved mightily handy for this new venture, thanks to literally hundreds of said hours spent re-educating myself via podcasts on business, start-ups, branding and marketing (oh, and writing). ​

I believe we all grace this earth with at least one special gift. Mine is words, and it’s my mission to use them to help you propel your gifts out into the world. ​ I KNOW that just like me, you have a dream. Your dream is entirely yours and yours alone. And whatever that dream may be… ​ (To tick off a seven-figure turnover by 2020? Turn the status quo on its head? Be featured on Oprah’s podcast? Have your wares spruiked on ZFB’s Insta feed? Make a difference? Prove to yourself that quitting your 9-to-5 was worth it? Have publishers tripping over each other’s Gucci loafers to sign your memoir? Pay your mum back for all the cans of tuna you’ve ‘borrowed’ from her pantry since starting this entrepreneur thing?) ​ … It’s my mission to put one word in front of the other to help get you there. ​ I can't wait to be the words to your brains.

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