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How To Slay Impostor Syndrome

The one thing that holds SO many creatives and business owners back from creating content that can elevate their business is feeling like you don't belong there because you're not enough of an ‘expert’.

I was perched at my desk about to take a call from a new potential client the other day, when I found myself suddenly getting nervous and worrying about if she'd be able to tell I was 'just pretending'. (Yup... even though I've been a totally legit professional writer for a decade!)

I think there's definitely something about going out on your own, without the assurance of a job title that someone else has given you, that makes our little friend impostor syndrome rear her pesky head. When you're in business for yourself, whether you're a florist, coach, naturopath or content copywriter, there's something about the fact that it's all YOU declaring how, well, awesome you are, that can make even the most confident of l

Secretly freaking out inside that someone will suss you out and tell you "You can't sit with us"? Yup, to all those who cringe a little inside before writing that blog post, giving a quote for an interview or going live on Insta stories - we hear you! But the thing is, we ALL (ok, maybe not Beyonce, but everyone else) feel like we're not enough of an expert to be providing commentary, advice or guidance to others.

But the other thing is, getting stuck in this mindset can seriously hold you back from creating content that can elevate your business.

SO... How about thinking about it like this? You are the expert of your own experience. Nobody else on this planet has lived the experiences you have. Therefore you’re in a damn fine position to share the learnings you’ve gained. You don’t have to know ALL of the things about the topic you’re talking about. It’s completely enough to know some of the things.

Whether you're a florist, brand strategist, life coach, designer or copywriter, here at Little Birdie, we've found that the way to look at it (and be able to take those calls without sweating in our little cotton socks) is this: focus on serving those who are at where you were yesterday. Because as long as you're two steps ahead of your audience, you will be able to provide useful takeaways and true value to them - and that's enough.

In fact, it's damn awesome.

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