How To Write Bangin' Blog Content - The One Thing You Need To Know

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

We break down THE thing to consider every time you write a piece of blog content for your brand.

How to write an about page

How many times have you felt thisclose to face-planting on your keyboard when you're trying to think of something, anything, to blog about that will engage your audience?

We all know that consistent blogging is a powerful tool for increasing engagement, boosting SEO rankings and fostering a connection with our ideal client or customer.

But here's the thing: that's what's in it for you. What's in it for your reader? As a content producer, you need to get really crystal clear about exactly why your followers are visiting your site, and exactly what value they gain from consuming your content.

Think about it: Why do people visit your site and, on a bigger-picture level, why do they engage with your brand? Here are some common examples:

* To be entertained

* To laugh

* To connect with likeminded people

* For advice/practical tips

* For motivation

Now here's the thing:

It's never really about the thing. Huh? Stick with us: whenever us humans seek something (three hours of uninterrupted Netflix time, say, or that Celine bag), what we're really, truly seeking, underneath the lure of the shiny thing, is the feeling that the thing will bring us.

Yep. It's all about the feels.

How often do you stop and consider how you want people to FEEL when they encounter your brand? In this case, seeing we're talking about blogging, how do you want your followers to FEEL when they read your words? This is the thing to consider when planning your communications and content strategy.

Because if you want to move your customers/clients/audience to form a connection with your brand and eventually take action, it’s important to go deep into how you want your dream customer to FEEL when they encounter your business.

Want in on a little secret? Here at Little Birdie, we even have a list of words that outline just how we want our clients to feel when they collaborate with us. Here they are:









Once you've nutted out your own list of core feelings, you can work backwards from there to cultivate creative, on-point content that, most importantly, tugs at your readers' heartstrings in all the right ways.

Ok... so how do I do it?

When planning out your content schedule (or, uh, just trying to come up with a single blog post idea), identify the core feelings your reader is seeking by connecting with you. Then, you can simply aim to address one or more of those with each piece of content you create.

SO: Remember that list of drivers that cause people to seek out certain content? Well, underneath each one of these is a core feeling that the reader is (consciously or otherwise) seeking to have met by engaging with your content. Here's an example for the reasons we listed above:

* To laugh = RELIEVED

* To connect with likeminded people = UNDERSTOOD

* For advice/practical tips = EMPOWERED

* For motivation = INSPIRED

Then, work backwards from here. So, for example, if you've identified that your readers come to you for advice, and that therefore, they're really seeking to feel empowered, brainstorm some blog topics that speak to this (hint: you can even use the 'feeling word' in the title). For example: '7 Ways to Feel Empowered As A New Coach'.

Now it's your turn to write your list! Good luck!