Help! I'm Invisible. How Can I Get People To Notice My Business?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

I received this in an email from one of my wonderful clients last week:

“I am so stuck and I don't know what to say and I just feel like I am invisible *insert* dramatic movie star style drape over a chaise lounge.....”

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Image: @northern_daisy

And while I definitely didn’t love that she feels stuck, I did love this email because a) it made me laugh among a sea of same-same business-y emails, and b) it so honestly and succintly captured what SO MANY business owners feel when they knock on my inbox – invisible!!

Now as we know, the upside of our friend the interwebs is that she provides a voice for so many of us to proclaim loud and proud what we do by way of our game-changing missions – but the downside? The *so many* bit!

Because whether you’re an organic skincare brand, a swimwear label or a business coach, it’s hard not to feel like just another cog in the wheel, drowning in a sea of 34,568 other peeps all peddling the same thing! Apart from your mum and (if you’re lucky) your bestie, who the $%#^ cares – or worse, can even hear you?!

Yep, sometimes it can feel like you’re just an invisible lady perched behind that laptop screen, working away, kinda, erm, invisible (who’s with me?!).

SO... what’s a girl to do? The first step is overhauling your communications strategy to ensure you're oh-so visible to YOUR people (yep, we're talking ideal clients here). Key to this is finding – and illuminating – what sets you apart from the pack (and trust me – there is definitely something! More likely, quite a few awesome-sauce things, actually.) Take this particular client – just the fact that she words her work emails like this hints at how much *fun* she is to work with.

The second step to ensuring you're SEEN? You need to craft a damn fine brand story. Because, in the words of the inimitable Seth Godin:

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you sell. It’s about the stories you tell.”

Stuck on WTAF to start? Yep, sometimes you just can’t see these things clearly in the mirror. For the nitty gritty on how to craft your brand story, check out this here blog post where we lay it all out.

Fancy a little shortcut? Did you know: working with a copywriter is about more than just outsourcing your typing. As well as writing the words (and hopefully, damn good ones at that), a top-notch copywriter can also act as a right-hand lady of sorts, who’ll also take pleasure in combing through all of the touchpoints in your brand with a strategic eye.

She’ll help you take a few steps back and look at your biz baby from a bigger-picture standpoint. (Because sometimes, when you’re knee deep in your biz, you just can’t see the woods for the trees.)

And hopefully, at the end of all this gazing? She’ll have you armed with a blooming fabulous strategy for getting yourself heard – and SEEN – by all the right eyeballs. Oh, and some spiffing words (whether that be for your About page, Insta captions or your blog) too.

Curious yet? Want to be seen and also heard? Let's chat!