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Little Birdie is a copywriting studio dedicated to powerful storytelling for brands who do good.

We collaborate with forward-thinking types
and fanciful folk who are on a mission to
break new ground, and leave their patch
of grass that little bit greener. G

Our mission? To help you talk shop
in a way that will enable your audience
to get you, quick sticks.

By harnessing the power of the written word, we'll elevate your brand. Simple.

We help creative folk on a mission to illuminate their message and take their brands next-level

Website copy

Press releases

Blog posts

Sales pages


Brand + Content Strategy

bouquet of flowers
bouquet of flowers

Meet Little Birdie

Head bird Rebecca Hanley is a wordsmith with over a decade's experience as a copywriter, PR advisor,
journalist and editor in print and online media.


In addition to providing copywriting services to numerous corporate and lifestyle brands including Bondi Boost, Destination NSW, Dettol and MAGGI, her work with words
has appeared in many national publications including 
GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Collective Hub and Mama Disrupt.

She loves nothing more than hanging out with her laptop and a giant cup of tea, making wordy magic for clever brands doing great things.



It can feel like a right WILD FOREST out there. Every last lady and her cavoodle has a brilliant idea and she’s somehow scored a megaphone with which to shout it from the rooftops. Meanwhile you Just. Want. To. Be. Heard too, damnnit!




"I am by nature a dealer in words, and words are the
most powerful drug
known to humanity." 

- Rudyard Kipling

At the end of our collaboration, we make it OUR mission to bet you’ll feel:



Let's do this!


You’ve got the goods, we’ve got the words, together let's make magic happen.

The No.1 Mistake You're (Probably) Making With Your Copy + Insta Captions

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How To

Nail Your Brand Story

A crucial pillar to your branding is the STORY behind your business (and you yourself, if you’re positioned as the face of your brand). Don’t think you have a story to tell? In the nicest possible way, that is #$%#! We ALL have a story.

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Killer Insta Captions

Want to know the ONE biggest mistake that almost EVERY client I work with commits with their website copy and Instagram captions? Oh, and what to do instead for killer cut-through?

How To Nail Your Brand Story

Crafting your brand story is what will help people connect with your business on a more human, emotional level. It's a way to distil your unique YOU-ness in
a way that sticks. Here's how...

How Much
Should I Charge?

Yep, it's awks and yep, I'm totally going there (personal experience included). Behold the 5 so-smart questions to ask yourself when setting your pricing as a business owner...

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